An oil painting by Þorgrímur Andri Einarsson


This is one of those houses I knew I wanted to paint as soon as I saw it. Like I often do I was on one of my drives looking for subjects to paint. I saw this particular house out out of the corner of my eye for the first time although I have driven past this area probably more then a hundred times. This kind of house isn´t however very   typical in the Icelandic landscape.

The owner is obviously doing a lot of the work him self. There are lots of unfinished parts and he is using odd bits and pieces of wood to make up the different parts of the building. It makes for a lot of interest in drawing, colors and values.

I was going for accurate drawing and color in the house while leaving everything else very loose and abstract. It seems to be a way I am developing most of my landscapes these days. The foreground actually has very little paint on it although it might look very textured. I like doing foregrounds like this one when I can get away with it. Overall I am trying to create a lot of interest and variation throughout the painting with different brushstrokes, edges and values.