An oil painting of the ship Dísa by Þorgrímur Andri Einarsson


Recently I was teaching a workshop in Vestmannaeyjar, a group of islands in the south of Iceland. I had a great time with the group and made some new friends. I last visited those islands when I was a kid, and didn’t remember much of them, but i was absolutely blown away the landscape there. So dramatic and beautiful. I did not have much time to sketch or take photos, but when I did the sky opened and gave me some great light. This particular ship was at the harbor and I just knew I had to paint it. I was so interested in the color, the rust, the contrast and all those little shapes that make up the whole.

I was inspired by some of the boat paintings of Richard Schmid in this one. I love how he manages to combine very loose and abstract brushwork with highly detailed and accurately drawn shapes.