An Icelandic Horse painting


I have often been asked if, and why I don´t paint horses. My answer up until now has been that I simply have not gotten around to it. There is so much that captures my interest in terms of subject matter and I only have so much time in this life. But, now I have no more excuses. Here is my first painting where my main subject is the Icelandic Horse. I have always been fascinated by these creatures. They are beautiful, strong and their endurance for bad weather is simply mind boggling. We have pretty harsh winters here in Iceland and I am always amazed when I see them huddled together in a blizzard with their backs to the wind, seemingly unfazed by the weather.

I wanted to capture the features of this particular horse in terms of drawing and color without it being to detailed and photographic. I was going for “just the right” amount of detail while keeping the rest very painterly and fresh. I am happy with the outcome.