Þorgrímur Andri Einarsson, Fílustrumpur


Finishing up a commission for a client who really wanted a painting in “my style” of a smurf. This particular client has the wonderful hobby of collecting smurfs, and lately, collecting artworks of smurfs. At first I wasn´t sure what to think of this request, but after very brief consideration I thought to my self; OF COURSE I´ll do it. Who doesn´t love smurfs !?

As you may know I like to work in the alla prima method and like to work from life. So I went looking for the perfect smurf for the job. I completely fell for this one and thought it would work nicely, being quite comical. The little figure isn´t much more than 2 inches tall while the painting measures 27 x 20 inches so it was a little tricky scaling it up. All in all I am happy with the results, as is the client 🙂