Figure study, 13 x 8in       Sold

I am always seeking out ways to grow as an artist. This is probably why I have started to paint different subjects than only landscapes. When doing landscapes, you have much more freedom with drawing and with the placement of the elements in your painting. Especially when painting from life, it becomes very easy to move things around to suit you design (something that is much harder when working from photographs), and it doesnt really matter if the exact shape of that mountain is correct, as long as the general slopes and angles match.

But. When painting a figure or a portrait, drawing becomes much more important. Although we dont realize it, we are all of us experts in recognizing faces and bodies. We look at them everyday and instinctively rely on interpreting them. They tells us what kind of mood the person in is in, how they feel, if we are in danger or if we are safe. This makes it much harder to render something believable. I have started to enjoy this challenge much more recently and will continue to study it.