This is a painting I am working on at the moment. I wanted to show you the progression of the painting by photographing it in various stages. I always find it interesting to see how other artists work so I thought someone could be interested in this progress. The painting measures 30 x 90 cm (roughly 12 x 36 inches) and is of an Icelandic landscape. I went for a late night drive in december. Drove out of the city and across the bay towards mount Esja. I stopped there for a little while, and when I was about to drive back I noticed that the sky was being lit by the city in a very beautiful way. Luckily I had my sketch set and camera and was able to get some good sketches and photographic reference.

After starting this in the studio. I stained the canvas with very warm earth colors. The reason for that is that I want some of that warm color peeping through in the sky area cause thats what it really looked like. Then I roughly sketched in the composition with simple lines indicating the masses.


Next I painted in the sky and that small hill across the bay which is blocking the city. I started with that because I had the strongest idea of what the sky should look like, and it would set the stage for the rest of the painting in terms of values.

I then blocked in the lower part of the painting roughly estimating the color and value. After I reached this stage I let it dry for a couple of days. It was actually dry to the touch the day after but I wanted it drier.

In this step I proceeded to define the ground more, adding valued and edges and a couple of the road signs.

I will keep posting updates of this painting until it is finished, which I hope will be soon enough 🙂