Úthlíð, 10 x 18 inches, oil painting on linen Úthlíð     oil on linen     10 x 18 inches

This is the third in a series I am doing on houses in Reykjavík. This one proved to a bit tricky. I had to edit a lot of information in the scene in order to make a stronger composition. I think I succeeded in some ways at least.

This is a studio painting that was derived from field studies and photographs. While I was there I played around a lot with the composition, and found that this was the best solution. The trees on the far left were much closer to the house from my vantage point, but I wanted some more atmosphere in picture and there fore left more space in between to develop the distant trees. 

One major difference in the painting of the house to the actual house is the balcony fence walls. They were much more complicated than what they appear in the painting. The actual fence walls posed a technical problem for me. The canvas was not large enough to paint such intricate patterns and forms so it would never have looked good. So I simply decided to change the wall into a solid wall. Although I did try to give it some texture as I did with all the surfaces of the building.

Painting buildings is becoming increasingly interesting to me, because they are often quite uninteresting with flat freshly painted walls and no real character except for their shape, if they have that at all. So how to you make the house interesting ?