Figure 12, oil on linen, 12 x 8

Figure 12, oil on linen, 12 x 8

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The figure is becoming one of my favorite subjects to paint. Although the drawing and all the subtleties in color and value are a challenge for me. But, slowly but surely it is becoming easier and more satisfying to do.

When I am painting the figure or portrait, I tent to paint more on the realistic side. I am doing this intentionally because I think it is good to be able to copy what you see tone for tone, to be able to better get a way from that realism in a convincing way. I really want to understand what I´m seeing when painting the figure. I want to get to know all those proportions, shapes and lines, and I want to familiarize myself with all the colors. I am always surprised to see how many different colors there actually are and I find it absolutely fascinating.

Figure 12, pencil sketch, 8 x 12

Figure 12, quick sketch, 8 x 12