Öldur, oil on linen, 20 x 45cm

Öldur, oil on linen, 8 x 18in

Painting waves can be tricky business. They are ever changing and never appear exactly the same way twice. But, they do seem to have a cycle in which they repeat. True they do not repeat in exactly the same way, but they similar enough to be able to get a good sketch of them. Of course I could just snap a photograph and paint from it in the cosy inside of my studio, but for me that is never quite as exciting as working on the spot.

This little painting is a combination of working from the photographs I took and the sketches I did. Working on location allowed me to come up with a composition that I was happy with. I admit this is a fairly simple composition, but I dont think I would have arrived at such a satisfying one (for me) if I had just copied what I saw in the photographs. I used the photographs for some of the details in drawing and color changes that I missed while I was sketching.