Red, Orange & Yellow

Red, Orange & Yellow, 8 x 8in, oil on linen

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I just got my hands on this great little item, the red pot from Indonesia. I love the deep red reflective surface, the golden rims and the architectural shape it has.  When I was starting out as an artist, I was not interested in still life paintings at all. I found them quite boring to be honest, until I came across paintings by great still life artists such as Qiang Huang, Richard Schmid and others alike. I was amazed by their ability to make seemingly boring subjects  very fascinating. I realized that for me it wasnt so much about what they painted, but how they painted it, and that was an eye opener for me.

Now I find great joy in doing still life paintings. They are a great exercise in drawing, color and value, and also in designing a composition. This little piece is all about painting loosely. I am trying to think of ways to make ordinary things look interesting and beautiful, even more so then they really are. I think a way of doing that is by painting loosely, creating lots of variety in edges and color temperature.