I try to work with the best quality materials I can find.
Painting can be quite hard, but good quality materials help,
and they certainly are much more enjoyable to work with.

My colors:

At the moment I am mostly using WinsorNewton and Michael Harding
artist oil colors. They are:

Cobalt blue
Transparent Oxide red
Yellow Ochre pale
Terra Rosa
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Red
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Yellow deep
Cadmium Yellow pale
Cadmium lemmon

Titanium White


Rosemary & Co: Series 279 and Classic Filberts
Robert Simmons: Signet Flat
Langnickel: Series 5590


I prefer to work on oil primed linen canvas. I have only found
it in rolls here in Iceland, so I cut it roughly to the size I
want, and tape it to masonite board. When the painting is dry I
either mount the canvas to a panel (if the painting is small or
medium size) or attach it to stretchers.

When I am working in plein air, I like to make my own canvas panels.
I cut the panels into desired sizes and mount the canvas to the panels
with PVC glue, which is also called carpenters glue. The glue is acid
free which means it wont damage the canvas. Pre making panels like
this gives you the chance to make what ever panel sizes you want,
and to work on an excellent painting surface. And their inexpensive
to make.